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15" Beadlock Ring - Outer Black Ring ONLY

15" Beadlock Ring - Outer Black Ring ONLY

1 x Outer Rolled Beadlock Ring

This sale is for 1 Outer Rolled  Beadlock ring to suit a 15” rim.

1 x outer 4mm rolled ring

We can supply as a complete kit as well including...

1 x inner 3mm weld on ring

Stainless Unbrako Hi tensile Bolts



Beadlock rings are designed to bolt the outer bead of the tyre to the rim, this is done for a number of reasons, mainly in the 4wd scene to eliminate the tyre rolling of the rim, this is quite common when lowering tyre pressures to gain maximum traction, or if you are sick of mud getting get caught between the bead of the tyre and rim creating a air leak, then these are for you,

We also have 16” and 17” beadlocks in our store, you can buy them 1 at a time or enter a quantity required on checkout to do more tyres and rims.

Made from 3mm Australian Steel to ensure strength and longengevity when being abused in the bush, these Beadlocks have been used in the Australian Competition scene for a number of years!!

It is our responsibility to tell you that weld on beadlocks are illegal to be fitted, And supplied for Off Road Use only - But then the tyres you fit probably are too!


15" Beadlock Reinforcing Plates

15" Beadlock Reinforcing Plates

AU $23.50
Save: $0.00 RRP: $23.50

Bump stops extended - Rubber

Bump stops extended - Rubber

AU $55.00
Save: $5.00 RRP: $60.00

GU Patrol Steering Box & Pitman arm

GU Patrol Steering Box & Pitman arm

AU $300.00
Save: $190.00 RRP: $490.00

Rear Shock Nissan GQ Patrol Maverick (Pair) - Dobinsons GS45-913

Rear Shock Nissan GQ Patrol Maverick (Pair) - Dobinsons GS45-913

AU $325.00
Save: $17.00 RRP: $342.00

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