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45mtr x 11mm Super max Competition Winch rope

45mtr x 11mm Super max Competition Winch rope

45mtr x 11mm SuperMax Competition Winch Rope


SuperMax winch rope is a coated UHMWPE Fiber rope. Winch rope is suitable for all winches provided the sheath supplied with the rope is left intact. Almost all Low mount winches except those with external brake like the Tigerz11 and Mako from Avenger 4x4 will generate some heat in the drum, especially if winching out under load (Winching backwards down the hill) this heat can diminish the lifespan of the rope if not protected.

40mtrs of rope is the correct length for all High Mount Electric winches, if you have a Low mount or PTO winch, we can supply different lengths.

Depending on the brand, SuperMax, made with Dyneema fibres has a breaking strain of approx 12,800kg, There are many ropes out there on the market, The difference between them all is the quality and brand of the fibre to construct the rope, some fibres have a better abrasion resistance, some fibres will give a bit of stretch ect, The Supermax rope is produced in Melbourne Australia, using the best quality fibres from around the world, this is why the Winch challenge Competition cars use Super Max Winch rope!!

SuperMax Winch ropes have many positive attributes for them, some of them are

*       Floats in water

*       Easy to splice

*       Stronger than wire rope of the same diameter

*       Weighs 1/8 of wire rope

*       Easy to handle

*       Very high abrasion resistance

*       Good UV resistance

*       Safer


If a Steel winch cable snaps under load, It has a huge amount of Kinetic (Stored) energy, When this is released it will whip back, generally quicker than the eye can follow, and go through anything in its path, It has been known to remove part of a ear from a man’s head!! This is in the extreme cases, but if it gets you, it can break bones or cause cuts if you're in its path.


With the winch rope, it has very little Kinetic energy, If it were in the exact same position as the cable, under load and it snapped, It would pull back and drop to the ground generally before it reaches the stuck vehicle, if you were in its path, you might get a bruise from it if you are unlucky.


Here's an analogy for you,

Cable is like snapping an Elastic band - It comes back and bites you

Rope is like breaking cotton - it comes back and falls with no real impact.


To clean the rope is very easy, If you have a big dirty weekend away, simply remove the rope from the winch, you can leave the hook on, Put it in a bucket of water and wash it around, Leave it out on the driveway in the sun to dry, (make sure the dog doesn't get it) When dry simply wind it back on the winch.


All Winch ropes should be used with a Hawse Fairlead,


This is a cast piece of Aluminum that the rope passes through; Traditional rollers can pinch the rope in the corners of the rollers and cause it to fray shortening its lifespan dramatically. The Alloy Hawse Fairlead can be supplied for $75 ea delivered,

No warranty is implied or given with this product, as its lifespan will depend on how the end user treats it.



Genuine Dyneema SK75 Winch rope 30m x 9mm suit up to 14,500lb winches

Genuine Dyneema SK75 Winch rope 30m x 9mm suit up to 14,500lb winches

AU $140.00
Save: $70.00 RRP: $210.00

Winch Rope Sock protector 2mtr

Winch Rope Sock protector 2mtr

AU $15.00
Save: $7.95 RRP: $22.95

5mm Push Fit to 5mm Push Fit joiner - suit ARB air locker hose

5mm Push Fit to 5mm Push Fit joiner - suit ARB air locker hose

AU $16.50

6hp WARN Winch motor

6hp WARN Winch motor

AU $499.00
Save: $76.00 RRP: $575.00

ARB Air Locker Front Nissan GU Patrol RD136

ARB Air Locker Front Nissan GU Patrol RD136

AU $1,411.00
Save: $0.00 RRP: $1,411.00

ARB Tree Trunk Protector 5mtr #ARB735

ARB Tree Trunk Protector 5mtr #ARB735

AU $99.00
Save: -$99.00 RRP: $0.00

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