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Diesel Power Module - 06-09 Navara D40 06-09 Pathfinder 2.5 dCi 128 kW Rail & turbo

Diesel Power Module - 06-09 Navara D40 06-09 Pathfinder 2.5 dCi 128 kW  Rail & turbo


 06-09 Navara D40, 06-09 Pathfinder 2.5 dCi 128 kW


2010-2014 D40 Navara & R51Pathfinder 140KW


Road Runner Offroad are now distributing the ever popular DieselPower® Modules, Having known of these modules being supplied in Australia for over 10 years, we thought it was about time we offered them aswell!!


German engineered and manufactured they have been stirring up the competition for many years, with a large range of modules to suit most Diesel powered, and some Petrol powered vehicles,

2 channel rail & turbo



BEFORE: 128KW 174HP 403NM
AFTER: 151KW 205HP 475NM



    Before 140KW 450NM




Clearance item only 1x Available






There is a lot of mis-information and market bred confusion as to how diesel performance systems work. Some make outrageous claims that are simply technically impossible. Below we will outline the function of a Diesel Power Module in plain English, allowing you to understand what it does and how it will benefit your vehicle.

The Diesel Power Module brand have two types of modules, single channel fuel rail modules and two channel fuel rail and boost pressure sensor modules.  

The single channel fuel rail module is an interceptor module, it intercepts signals coming from the ECU going to the fuel injection rail and sends modified signals back to the ECU from the fuel rail. 

A COMMON MYTH: Some competitors claim that their fuel rail modules change engine timing. FALSE! A module that is installed downstream of the ECU cannot physically have any influence on the timing of a motor. The ECU has already calculated this information and sent it to the relevant control mechanisms.

DIESELPOWER® modules work by:

·Directly influencing injector pressure which modifies the pulse width and cycle duration - German engineered technology speaks to the ECU with ACTIVE software management actively adjusting air fuel ratio based on engine load & RPM through the regulation of fuel pressure in the common rail fuel injection system. Fuel rail pressures modified by the module NEVER exceed the factory specifications of the motor, simply they increase the pressure or decrease the pressure based on what you are doing with the vehicle at the time. The engine diagnostic circuit would produce a check engine light if there was ever any running conditions that were outside of the manufactures specifications. Simply, the module will never harm your motor.

·Increasing airflow to the engine - turbo charger boost pressure increases earlier in the rpm range in response to the increased fuelling, this increase in airflow combined with improved fuelling allows much more efficient running conditions for the motor allowing increased driveability and performance from your vehicle.

· A vehicle producing more power at lower rpm saves fuel. Fuel efficiency is the bi-product of an engine that has increased torque at lower rpm when driven accordingly.

 You will see some modules connect up to the individual injectors, this system is just an unnecessary and complicated method of achieving exactly what our Diesel Power Modules do by piggybacking the fuel rail plug, just making installation time longer and messier.



The two channel fuel rail and boost pressure sensor module offers all of the features of the single channel module and works in the same way, but also offers direct modification of the boost signal which optimises air flow into the motor creating even more power and a smoother torque delivery. These modules are engineered specifically for individual motors, meaning tighter fuel mapping and better performance. At under $1000 these modules offer significantly better value than competing single channel modules retailing for over $1400.

When you buy a Diesel Power Module you take advantage of a strong German engineered and manufactured product with over 20 years of diesel tuning and development of performance modules. Diesel Power does one thing and this is performance tuning modules for turbo diesel and petrol motors . They are the world market leaders in plug in user friendly Diesel Power Modules.

How Diesel Power Modules benefit your vehicle and driving experience:


Easily install the Diesel Power System in  less than 15 minutes. Easy to remove or bypass for vehicle servicing. A bypass plug is included with every module to remove the module without removing the module harness if desired.


When you purchase a Diesel Power Module you receive:

  • 1 x Diesel Power Module
  • 1 x Installation harness
  • 1 x Bypass plug
  • 1 x Module Synthetic bag with velcro fitting strap
  • 1 x set of General installation instructions
  • 1 x set of specific install pictures for your vehicle

 No doubt you will be doing your research when spending this sort of money, here are some things to keep in mind when doing your research...


  • Every diesel engine optimisation module is made to demanding German quality
    standards using German manufactured military grade electronic hardware.


  • The Diesel Power software automatically adjusts to the vehicles load and RPM. Customers experience an increase in power (Torque and Kilowatts) while decreasing fuel consumption when driven accordingly.
  • User adjustable fuel control. There is no need for complicated laptop tuning, you can adjust the fuelling using the dial on the front of the module to modify for additional performance enhancements such as larger exhaust systems, to get more power or to tune more for economy depending on your application.


  • TUV  & e1 Certification “CERTIFY” That the diesel power system…
  •  - will not interfere with other electronics in the vehicle, and
  •  - verifies that stated power and economy figures are accurate.


The German H. & N. Electronics GmbH is a worldwide leading producer of diesel optimisation systems. Our proprietary DIESELPOWER® technology significantly increases the efficiency of diesel and petrol engines – up to 25% higher performance with less fuel consumption. 

The company, founded in 1990, is headquartered in Isny, from where we manage development and production centrally. Our highly qualified staff and trained specialists ensure reliable and timely order processing. DIESELPOWER® is marketed internationally through branch offices in Spain and Canada as well as distributors in Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Panama and Australia. DIESELPOWER® stands for the best quality and customer service worldwide. 

TÜV Certification
TUV certification involves rigorous testing of the applications for which the component is designed. It includes verification that the device satisfies the strictest European regulations for the industry in which the component was designed for and ensures the component specifications are stated correctly.  Periodic retesting of the component is required to maintain TUV approval and the certification is without question the most comprehensive testing any product would undergo.  In the case of a tuning module, TUV approval means the product complies with legal exhaust-emissions standards.

TUV testing of a tuning module includes:

    *  Verifying the use of quality materials in the manufacture of an automotive product.
    *  Emissions standards are similar to the original manufacturers standards.
    *  No danger in the fit or use of the product.
    *  Verifying that stated power and economy figures are accurate and are not misleading.

Please feel free to contact us to check for details on your vehicle


Please follow this link to view our Frequently asked Questions


Please follow this link for Warranty details.


Wiring instructions will be supplied on purchase


NISPBK PAIR GENUINE Panhard bush genuine Rubber GQ GU Patrol

NISPBK PAIR GENUINE Panhard bush genuine Rubber GQ GU Patrol

AU $68.00
Save: -$4.00 RRP: $64.00

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