AFirestone Coil Rite by Airbag Man with Kevlar High Pressure sleeve suit


GQ GU Patrol Coil Rear STD HEIGHT

#CR5040 & #CS6010

Firestone have been leading the way with Air bag suspension for decades,

This sale is for 1 pair of Coil Insert Air bags to suit your vehicle, they are to suit STD Height lift, we can supply bags to suit coil lift at the same price or spacers to suit at additional cost, including higher lifts for common vehicles.

This Heavy Duty kit is supplied with a Kevlar sleeve to be applied over the exterior of the Coil Rite bag, This is designed to increase the load carrying capacity of the bag from a standard 250kg to 500kg maximum, and 40psi to 60psi! Simple to install, slide the kevlar sleeve over the bag and secure in place with components supplied in the kit.

It will also protect the bag from the harsh Australian Elements, reducing the risk of stones or untoward branches ect in remote Australia.

The Firestone Coil insert bags are rated to a load of 250kg over the specified spring rate, So if your vehicle has standard springs installed, these bags are rated to support up to 250kg of weight, If your coils are aftermarket and rated to carry 100kg of accessories, Then these Airbags will give you another 250kg over that.

Which makes it great for a vehicle that always has a set amount of weight in the vehicle, like storage draws and a fridge, your aftermarket coils will support this weight, When you load up the back to go away with all your gear, you can now inflate the bags to a maximum of 40psi with the valves supplied to carry a further 250kg without the fear of the back sagging and reducing the life of your coils.

Keeping your vehicle level increases vehicle safety, it will stop the steering from being floaty, caused by the front wheels not having full contact with the road; this can also cause incorrect camber causing premature tyre wear. It will also keep your brake bias correct giving your brakes the correct braking strength front to rear.

Firestone Coil Rite bags have a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty.

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Please note this product is an aftermarket product that is designed to fit the above mentioned vehicle(s), any mention of vehicle brand or model is only to allow you to establish the correct fitment for your vehicle, and is not indicating that the part is manufactured by the original vehicle manufacturer.


SKU CR5040KITx1-CS6010x1
Brand Firestone
Shipping Weight 2.2000kg
Shipping Width 0.300m
Shipping Height 0.200m
Shipping Length 0.300m