Billet Offset/Inline Multi Fit Alloy Hawse Fairlead Black Anodized

New multi fit fairlead will fit both offset and inline bars.



Alloy Hawse Fairleads are required when using synthetic rope on any winch, black anodised suit modern style winch bars

It is preferred not to use rollers on rope, as the rope may pinch in the corners of the rollers, and be caught in burrs on the steel roller; there is an option to supply Nylon rollers if this is a preference.

Offset hawse fairleads are required on more and more late model vehicles where the winch is required to sit lower in the bar than the previous models, This makes the rope leave the winch bullbar at a different height, requiring the fairlead to be offset with the opening higher than normal, These offset Alloy Hawse fairleads are made fromforgedAlloy greater strenght than cast type, come with recessed bolt heads to keep a neat finish.

Our fairleads are made with the same standard bolting pattern as most Bull bars and winches supplied around the world, these will fit your winch and use the existing mounts.

  • Bolt centres @ 254mm
  • Overall Length @ 308mm
  • Rope entry section @ 195mm
  • Rope entry height @ 20mm
  • Thickness @ 19mm
  • Overall height @ 80mm
  • Offset from centerline 20mm

Suitable for the following winches and more






* PTO Driven




Model # SB023
Brand Roadsafe 4WD
Shipping Weight 0.9000kg
Shipping Width 0.030m
Shipping Height 0.030m
Shipping Length 0.300m
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