Diff Drop Kit
Suits all
IFS HILUX 2005-on Inc the 2015-on update model
Prado 120 series
Prado 150 series
FJ Cruiser
Spacer is 25mm
If you have a Toyota with Independant front suspension, and have some suspension lift, then you may be familiar with the worn CV's, CV Boots, and lack of travel at the raised height.
This kit is designed to drop the diff by , giving your CV;s and their boots a much better, more factory angle.
In doing this it will stop the CV boot rubbing on itself causing premature wear (also a roadworthy item) as well as the CV being a increased angle at all times, this creates a weak point for the CV, resulting in far more breakages than what should be normal.
Allows a genuine 50mm of lift without issues!!

Not every vehicle with a suspension lift will need a differential drop kit installed. How do you tell if your vehicle might be able to make use of one? Well, there are a couple of symptoms which you might want to look for.

  1. Lift the front tires off the ground and then try grabbing each half shaft of the front axle and slowly turn it through a full rotation. If you feel any binding in the CV joints at this full droop condition, that is your CV joints telling you that they are hitting their angle limit. Also try this with the wheels straight ahead and at full steering lock to test all cases. A CV joint that binds up under load can easily snap in the bush.
  2. If you find your CV joint boots are wearing out unusually fast, that can be a sign of too much angle. Easy check is to examine the upper ribs of outer CV joint and see if they are being pinched hard together on the top side of the boot. If so, and especially if you have the stock front differential disconnect (ADD) system and your CVs are spinning all the time, this can cause the ribs to wear against each other and eventually wear through the material and cause the boot to fail. Usually the more ribs that are touching, the less ideal the CV joint angle is.
  3. If you find your CV joints are wearing out or breaking more frequently than before you installed the suspension lift, this may also be a sign of the need to reduce the CV joint angles with a differential drop kit.

A diff drop kit will not cause a lot of loss of front ground clearance. As is, the front diff sits higher than the subframe/cross members and the diff drop will lower the diff down about to the level of the sub frame/cross member. And the diff housing is made of pretty thick material to can stand up to a decent amount of abuse. After all, look at your rear differential, it hangs down lower in back. Now, if you have, or plan to install, a front suspension cross member, a diff drop kit probably will not work, as that cross member will be in the way of lowering the front diff.



SKU 300705-1-kit
Brand Trail Gear
Shipping Weight 1.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.060m
Shipping Height 0.060m
Shipping Length 0.150m
Shipping Cubic 0.000540000m3
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