Draglink suit Leaf Sprung Nissan Patrol

705mm long

Replaces genuine #48680-C6001

This listing is for one brand new Draglink suit all Leaf Sprung P/S & M/S - MK MQ GQ 1980/1991 Models; we also have Coil Sprung Models in our store,

Draglinks are what controls your steering, If ther are bent, your steering wheel will be off centre, and you will lose some steering lock, in one direction. Once they are bent, you can straighten, But they are never as strong.

The only way to get the wheel straight again is with one of these,you cantry the sneaky way by taking the steering wheel off and turn, you will lose some of your steering lock.


Above is a image of bent Draglink

T he Drag link is the arm that goes from the steering box to the front left wheel. When you turn the steering wheel this arm pushes or pulls the front left wheel to steer.They are easy enough to install at home in the driveway, The hardest bit is removing the original arm, It takes some persuasion with a hammer to loosen the draglink from the Pitman arm (Attached to the steering box) Strike the side of the Pitman arm to loosen.

When installing the new draglink, tighten the castle nut, and make sure you put a new split pin in!!!

Generally they shouldn’t take long to change over.

When you have finished if you are not happy with the Wheel, pull to the side, ect, it is recommended to get a professional wheel alignment.



Please note this product is an aftermarket product that is designed to fit the above mentioned vehicle(s), any mention of vehicle brand or model is only to allow you to establish the correct fitment for your vehicle, and is not indicating that the part is manufactured by the original vehicle manufacturer.



Brand Road Runner Offroad
Shipping Weight 1.2000kg
Shipping Width 0.080m
Shipping Height 0.080m
Shipping Length 0.600m
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