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When it comes to kitting out your 4WD for the next adventure, picking the right rims is crucial. At Road Runner Offroad, we know that rims are not just about aesthetics — they're about enhancing your vehicle's performance, ensuring safety on varying terrains, and maintaining the longevity of your tyres.

High-quality 4WD rims can significantly improve handling, offer better fuel efficiency and ensure your vehicle is up to the challenge, whether you're tackling rugged trails or cruising on the highway.

Replacing or upgrading the wheels on your 4WD? We have you covered. With steel Sunraysia, D hole or round hole wheels, Steel Beadlocks, Dynamic and other brands, we can put together a wheel package to perfectly suit your car and application. When looking to buy 4WD rims, remember that the right choice will take your off-roading experience from good to great.

Alloy vs. steel rims

Rims are primarily made from two materials: alloy and steel. Alloy rims are known for their lightweight and strength, crafted from a mix of aluminium and other metals. These rims improve your 4WD's acceleration and handling, perfect for those seeking performance without a hefty weight. They come in various designs, enhancing your vehicle's look with a modern twist. However, they might be on the pricier side and can be more susceptible to damage on very harsh terrains.

Steel rims, on the other hand, are for extreme journeys. Built for durability, they can withstand more abuse than alloy rims, making them ideal for serious off-road enthusiasts. They're typically more affordable but come with added weight, which could impact fuel efficiency and acceleration.

Finding the right rims for your 4WD at Road Runner Offroad

To ensure you choose the best rims for 4x4, consider the following:

  • Assess your needs — Think about the terrains you'll be exploring. This will help determine whether alloy or steel rims suit your adventures best. For navigating rough roads, you’ll benefit best from tough steel rims. But if you’re primarily traversing paved roads and light off-road conditions, you can never go wrong with lightweight alloy rims. Here at Road Runner Offroad, you’ll find both alloy and steel rims for your 4WD.

  • Check the size — Proper sizing is paramount. Incompatible rims can lead to handling issues and affect your vehicle's safety. Good thing we stock a variety of rims here at Road Runner Offroad. From 17X9 to 16X8, we’re sure you’ll find the right rims for your 4WD.

  • Style vs. function — While looks are important, never compromise on functionality. Choose rims that meet both your aesthetic and offroad performance requirements, whether you need your 4WD for off-road leisure or to carry heavy tradie equipment across the state.

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At Road Runner Offroad, we understand the importance of quality and performance. That's why we offer a selection of the best 4x4 rims Australia has to offer, catering to various needs and preferences. Whether you're after the lightweight agility of alloy rims or the unbeatable durability of steel, we've got you covered.

If you have any questions, need advice on the best rims for your 4WD or require other 4WD accessories like suspension and tyres, don't hesitate to check out our product selection and contact us. You can also take a look at our blog for more insightful information about your 4WD.

Shop aftermarket 4WD rims with Road Runner Offroad and gear up for your next journey with confidence!