DriveTech 4x4 DT-Compressor – Your High-Performance Off-Road Air Inflation Solution.

Key Features:

Airflow: Rapid 300L/min airflow for efficient tire inflation.

Pressure Range: Working pressure at 40psi, accommodating diverse applications.

Maximum Pressure: Capable of reaching up to 150psi for various tire needs.

Control and Deflation: Pistol grip inflator trigger with built-in deflator for precise operation.

Power Supply: 2m power cord with battery clamps for flexible power source connection.

Ample Reach: 6.5m rubber air hose with snap fittings provides convenient tire access.

Duty Cycle: 15-minute duty cycle (at 24°C) with a subsequent five-minute cooldown.

Power Specifications: Runs on a 12-volt system with 45 amps for consistent performance.

Storage Solution: Sturdy heavy-duty bag with pockets for organized transport and storage.

Technical Specifications:

Airflow: 300L/min

Working Pressure: 40psi

Maximum Pressure: 150psi

Inflator Trigger: Pistol grip with integrated deflator

Power Cord: 2m with battery clamps

Air Hose: 6.5m rubber hose with snap fittings

Duty Cycle: 15 minutes (at 24°C) with five-minute cooldown

Voltage: 12 volt - 45 amp


Brand Drivetech 4x4
Shipping Weight 4.0000kg
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