54mm Wheel bearing Hub Sockets 3/8 drive

Suited to all MK, MQ, series 1 GQ and Ford Mavericks. Toyota Landcruiser all models, Hilux live axle

They do not suit the GU’s and some late model GQ's with Pin Style nuts



Designed to be used with a 3/8” ratchet, thats right, the only socket on the market with a 3/8 ratchet, so you can actually use a decent racthet on it! Suitable for allearly model hub nuts, we can also supply the upgrade to later models in our store.



When changing or adjusting wheel bearings, simply jack the vehicle of the ground, remove the hub and hub nut assembly, when you have replaced or repacked your bearings, place the tab washer in first, then thread the large hub nut on to the stub axel, If you have installed new bearings rotate the wheel when tightening, if you don’t have a manual or torque wrench handy, tighten the nut until there is no play, when tight back of the nut no more than a quarter of a turn ensuring there is no play in the wheel or bearing, put the locking washer into position and install the two small screws.



After a couple of hundred km’s check to make sure the bearings are still tight by jacking the car up and testing for play.



We have hub nut upgrades to suit the earlier GQ’s in our store as well as the GU Socket.







Brand Road Runner Offroad
Shipping Weight 0.4000kg
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