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Landcruiser FJ40,FJ45,HJ47,HJ45,FJ55,BJ40,42,FJ60,HJ60,FJ62,HJ61 1/79-1/90
Landcruiser HJ75, FJ75, BJ7# 11/84-1/90

BJ40 3.0L - 4 CYL DIESEL B 9/77-7/80 - 1/79-11/84
BJ42 3.4L - 4 CYL DIESEL 3B 8/80-11/84 - 1/79-11/84
BJ70 3.4L - 4 CYL DIESEL 3B 11/84-1/90
BJ74 3.4L - 4 CYL DIESEL 13BT 11/85-1/90
FJ40 4.2L - 6 CYL PETROL 2F 1/75-10/84 - 1/79-11/84
FJ45 4.2L - 6 CYL PETROL 2F 1/75-10/84 - 1/79-11/84
FJ55 4.2L - 6 CYL PETROL 2F 1/75-7/80 - 1/79-7/80
FJ60 4.2L - 6 CYL PETROL 2F 8/80-11/84
FJ62 4.0L - 6 CYL PETROL 3F 11/84-1/90
FJ70 4.0L - 6 CYL PETROL 3F 11/84-8/92
FJ75 4.0L - 6 CYL PETROL 3F 11/84-8/92 - 11/84-1/90
HJ45 3.6L - 6 CYL DIESEL H 1/75-7/80 - 1/79-7/80
HJ47 4.0L - 6 CYL DIESEL 2H 8/80-10/84 -
HJ60 4.0L - 6 CYL DIESEL 2H 8/80-1/90
HJ61 4.0L - 6 CYL DIESEL 12HT 10/85-1/90
HJ75 4.0L - 6 CYL DIESEL 2H 11/84-1/90

Hilux LN4#,RN4#,LN6#,YN6#,RN10#,YN10#,LN10# 79-8/97
LN60 2.4L - 4 CYL DIESEL 2L 3/84-8/85
LN65 2.4L - 4 CYL DIESEL 2L 8/83-8/88
YN65 2.0L - 4 CYL PETROL 3Y-C 8/83-8/85
YN67 2.2L - 4 CYL PETROL 4Y 8/85-8/88
LN106 2.8L - 4 CYL DIESEL 3L 8/88-8/97
RN105 2.4L - 4 CYL PETROL 22R 8/88-8/97

This one kit will do both sides of your front diff.

Not sure if this is for you? Are your Swivel housings leaking? Is there Oil on the inside of your tyres or on the ground next to the tyre, or is your steering notchy? Then this is for you.

If this is happening then the Axel seal is damaged and allowing your diff oil to run down the axels and past the seals, the problem with this is that on its way it has to push past the grease in your CV, This can create another problem if left to long.

This listing is for 1 Swivel housing repair kit to do both sides of your diff housing, the kit contains all Diff/Axel seals, Swivel scrapes and gaskets, Swivel (King Pin) Bearings.

We only recommend and use quality Japanese parts for all of our maintence bearings and seals, we use Australian suppliers who believe in this as well.

All the kits we supply will use either Timken, Koyo, NSK components depending on availability at the time.

A few tips for when changing or adjusting wheel bearings, simply jack the vehicle of the ground, remove the hub and hub nut assembly, when you have replaced or repacked your bearings, place the tab washer in first, then thread the large hub nut on to the stub axel, If you have installed new bearings rotate the wheel when tightening, if you don’t have a manual or torque wrench handy, tighten the nut until there is no play, when tight back of the nut no more than a quarter of a turn ensuring there is no play in the wheel or bearing, put the locking washer into position and tighten the locking nut.

This is the same kit as supplied to Mechanical Workshopsby Repco ect

In stock ready to go!


Brand Drivetech 4x4
Shipping Weight 2.1000kg
Shipping Width 0.300m
Shipping Height 0.050m
Shipping Length 0.300m

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