Poly roller fairlead conversion
  • Allows usage of synthetic rope on your roller fairlead
  • Smooth poly rollers reduce friction damage on synthetic winch ropes
  • Quick easy conversion for your existing rollerfairlead
  • Does Not Includ the frame (This sale is for the poly roller only) You use your existing one for the conversion

To fit:

  1. Remove circlips on the 4 roller pins
  2. Remove steel fairlead rollers
  3. Install Poly rollers & replace pins
  4. Replace 4 circlips.


  • Total time: 15 Minutes
  • Tools Required: Circlip pliers

Inlcudes: 4 Poly rollers (fairlead frame not included)

Roller Size (top & bottom) 200mm x 41mm dia x 16mm bore

(Side) 105mm x 41mm diax 16mm bore

Product Features

  • For Standard Winch Roller Fairleads
  • Makes Roller Fairleads Compatible w/Synthetic Winch Rope
  • Avoids Galling Or Chafing Synthetic Winch Rope
  • Not For Use w/Steel Winch cable


 Daystar Products now offers a simple and economical way to upgrade a standard winch roller fairlead to work with any synthetic rope. Daystars Rope Rollers replace the steel rollers on any conventional fairlead so you can retain the benefits of a roller fairlead while running synthetic winch rope. Synthetic winch rope is rapidly becoming standard equipment on trail rigs because it offers several performance and safety advantages over conventional winch cable. However, there are unseen costs associated with converting a winch to use synthetic rope. The steel rollers on a conventional roller fairlead are not compatible to synthetic rope because they can cause chafing and abrasion. Most rope manufacturers recommend using an aluminum Hawse-type fairlead. These fairleads can cost over $100, not to mention the extra time and hassle of installation. Further, some bumper designs are not compatible with a Hawse type fairlead. Daystars Rope Rollers are constructed of durable polyurethane material for superior chafing resistance. Polyurethane provides a smooth surface for the rope to slide against while being virtually unbreakable. Designed to withstand the tremendous forces that a modern winch can dish out, the Rope Rollers will not groove or gall during angled pulls. They work with any standard 5,000-9,000-lb. roller fairlead regardless of the manufacturer. Combine Daystars Rope Rollers with a Winch Isolator to complete your customized winch installation.




Model # KU70054BK
Brand Daystar
Shipping Weight 0.9000kg
Shipping Width 0.250m
Shipping Height 0.050m
Shipping Length 0.250m
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