3 degree Caster correction bushes

will suit

Nissan Patrol GQ & GU

Toyota Land Cruiser 80" & 100" Live axle

VDJ & HDJ79, 78, 76

To suit 3"- 4" Lift

Have you got a 3" or 4" lift and not done your castor bushes yet? we bet it wanders all over the road. It's almost like having to deliberately steer it straight, and on a dead straight road, it just jumps into another direction for no reason? That’s Caster problems, some people don't noticehow bad it isuntil they get the job done, and then they swear by castor correction.

When you lift your coil sprung vehicle, the front radius arms rotate the diff as if the diff pinion has been lifted. The diffhousing rolls forward and downward, the sheer weight of the vehicle tends to bias the steering to either the left or the right, but not centre.

Castor is the amount of diff roll. Camber is the leaning in of wheels and Toe-in is the alignment of the front wheels pointing slightly toward each other as if both left and right wheels will eventually meet 100m in front of the car.

The offset castor bushes roll the diff back to standard. There are grades of castor correction.

An alternative to bushes is castor plates or drop boxes (for Nissan Patrols) or Radius Arms for Land Cruisers.



Please note this product is an aftermarket product that is designed to fit the above mentioned vehicle(s), any mention of vehicle brand or model is only to allow you to establish the correct fitment for your vehicle, and is not indicating that the part is manufactured by the original vehicle manufacturer.


Brand Belton
Shipping Weight 1.2000kg
Shipping Width 0.150m
Shipping Height 0.060m
Shipping Length 0.150m
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