FZJ105 1998 on Live axle

HZJ105 1998 on Live axle

Special note: Aisin Hubs will not fit directly to Full time CV Joints spines, Cv joint will have to be change to Part Time type or Aftermarket (Eg: Chome moly RCV or Longfields) Aisin hub spline will bind on genuine Full time axle Clearance.

(Does not suit IFS front HDJ100r or UZJ100R)

This kit Suit 105 series landcruiser withHF2A full time 4WD transfer Case.

Kit includeds:

2 x Genuine Aisin Made in japan Free wheel hubs

1 x Tranfer case spool

This combination with Aisin Hubs gives you a Higher strength free wheeling Hub, waterproofing in hub selector ring.


  • Better Fuel Consuption, improvement of Minimun 5%,in some cases up 10% have been reported
  • Improved steering,vehicvle no longer pulls hardwhen powering out of a corner
  • imporved steering, Lighter and more direct.
  • Improved acceleration, vehicle no longer powering anextra Diff, drive shaftand cv's
  • longer service life on front driveline component due to not be driven

Kit contains:

  • Centre diff spool
  • 2 x Genuine Aisin Japan Free wheeling hubs
  • Instructions

ABS Live Axle Models

When ABS equipped live axle vehicles are fitted with a Part Time 4WD kit, the ABS sensor reading from the CV joint becomes inoperable and the ABS warning light is displayed on the dash. The ABS relocation kit moves the sensor from the CV joint to the wheel hub and operates as per factory specifications.

See our store for ABSSensor relocation kit if required

Viscous Centre Diffs

Vehicles fitted with viscous coupled centre diffs can still use our Part Time 4WD kit. To complete the installation, you will be required to purchase the 'Centre Diff Lock' button as used on the GXL models. The switch is an easy plug and play with the necessary plug & wiring already provided in the Toyota wiring loom.

How does it work?

The centre diff becomes completely inoperative as the spider gears & the rear side gear is completely removed. The rear spool supplied in the kit is manufactured from heat-treated gear steel & internally splined to allow permanent drive to the rear wheels. The front side gear is retained, as it is required to support the front output shaft in the main housing.

The kit is supplied with freewheeling hubs & is fitted to prevent the front diff, axles & drive shaft from turning while the vehicle is being driven.

What are the benefits?

There are several benefits to consider when converting your Land Cruiser 80 or 100 series to Part time 4WD. The steering no longer has a tendency to pull hard when powering out of a corner which adds to less wear & tear on the steering components such as tie rod ends & steering box. The steering is also more direct or positive.

There is a marked improvement in fuel economy an average of 5%-10%. The acceleration is also improved due to the reduction in losses associated with driving the front differential, drive shaft & CV joints.

With these components no longer being driven, a considerable increase in their service life can be expected.

Can we fit it myself?

The kit is supplied with full fitting instructions which are step by step. If you consider yourself mechanically minded & you can read instructions (believe me, not everyone can read) then yes, you can fit the kit yourself. There is no need to pull the transfer case out of the vehicle. Remove the back cover off the transfer case fit the spool supplied as per the instructions. The freewheeling hubs are fitted as per the hub installation guide. There are no special tools required. We are only a phone call away if you experience any difficulty.

What if we can't fit the kit?

No problem, your local mechanical workshop will be more than qualified to fit the kit for you or contact our sales team for an installation quote.

How do we engage 4WD once the kit is fitted?

Simply press the centre diff lock button located on the dash, engage the hubs & select low range. If your vehicle has a viscous coupled diff your vehicle will not be equipped with a centre diff lock button & you will need to fit one. The fitting instructions will have a photo of the switch with a part number supplied to enable you to purchase the switch from your local Toyota parts supplier.

How do we know if our vehicle is fitted with a viscous coupling?

A vehicle fitted with a viscous coupling does not have a centre diff lock button on the dash.

Do we need to fit a diff lock button when we fit the part time kit?

Yes you do. This is to select 4WD in high range. The part number of the button is provided in the fitting instructions

What happens to our Viscous coupling in the transfer case?

The viscous coupling is no longer required & is removed from the transfer case.

How does this affect our ABS?

If you have the IFS 100 Series Land Cruiser your ABS will not be affected as the ABS sensor is located on the wheel hub. The live axle models have the ABS sensor located on the CV joint. By fitting the freewheeling hubs the CV joint is prevented from turning therefore affecting the ABS system & causing an ABS malfunction light to appear on the dash. To prevent this from happening you can leave the hubs engaged whilst ABS is required.

See our store for ABSSensor relocation kit if required


Please note this product is an aftermarket product that is designed to fit the above mentioned vehicle(s), any mention of vehicle brand or model is only to allow you to establish the correct fitment for your vehicle, and is not indicating that the part is manufactured by the original vehicle manufacturer.


Shipping Weight 7.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.250m
Shipping Height 0.130m
Shipping Length 0.250m
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