Small Panhard bush AFTERMARKET

Large hole Diff end

Suit All GQ models

All GU Models

This listing is for 1 x AFTERMARKET Nissan Rubber Panhard bush to go on thediff end with thelarge hole, Panhard bushes are what keep the body of the car in line with the chassis.

If these detoriate at all, even the slightest, they will cause vibration throughout the car amongst other symptoms,

Some of these symptoms can be slop in the bush, causing the chassis to turn before the body, extremely bad vibrations at 60-70kmh is the most common problem, If the bushes are past their lifetime then the vibrations can get that bad you can’t hold the steering wheel, gets scary.

Easy to change over, they can be done at home in a vice, obviously you need to remove the arm, press out the original in the vice/press, small amount of rubber grease on the new bush, and press back in, be careful not to pinch the rubber edge.

Tip for new players, the large washer should be placed pointing out, it is designed to flare the bush out keeping constant contact in its fitment, not hold it in there.

These are also listed in pairs and as Diff end only in our store.



Please note this product is an aftermarket product that is designed to fit the above mentioned vehicle(s), any mention of vehicle brand or model is only to allow you to establish the correct fitment for your vehicle, and is not indicating that the part is manufactured by the original vehicle manufacturer.


SKU S0502R
Brand Roadsafe 4WD
Shipping Weight 0.3000kg
Shipping Width 0.050m
Shipping Height 0.050m
Shipping Length 0.050m
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