Greasable Anti Inversion Shackles to suit..


Toyota 73"-75" series Land Cruiser

Toyota 40" series Land Cruiser (Late model Large Pin Only)

Toyota 45" series Land Cruiser

Toyota 60" series Land Cruiser

Toyota 61" series Land Cruiser

Toyota 62" series Land Cruiser


One kit will do either Front or Rear; you need 2 kits to do both.

2" Extended ANTI INVERSION Greasable Shackles

Quality suspension at affordable pricing

This is a Pair of replacement 2” Extended Greasable anti inversion shackles,

It is reccomended to use 3 degree caster wedges if installing extended shackles.


2” Extended shackles will give you an extra 1” (25mm) in ride height allowing the spring to work better, giving you a larger arc to achieve more flex with the correct spring, made utilizing 10mm plate to ensure adequate strength on all 4wd's.

These Shackles have many features...

  • 50mm or 2” extended over standard.
  • Machine surfaced.
  • They are all case hardened to 2mm.
  • Galvanized & Plated.
  • Manufactured to O.E & above.
  • Extra holes to lubricate bushes.
  • 8mm side plates.

Manufactured to ISO9002 Standard, these items are case-hardened to ensure a long life and their machined surface gives superior performance. They are galvanised and plated to increase their life span. Shackles and plates are manufactured to O.E. specifications or above, for increased life and safety.

Note that anti-inversion shackle pin kits are available for most Landcruiser models.

These shackles are perfect for ensuring your vehicles suspension stays in as good a condition as it can get, increasing the life in suspension leafs, bushes, and pins, The extra greasing available with these shackles lubricates the bush and pin reducing premature wear.

While the anti Inversion shackles stops the leaf spring from inverting in off road situations, if this happens to often the leaf will lose its ability to perform as designed.

At Road Runner Offroad we don’t believe in doing things more than once, we can give you plenty of options for your suspension, you can always upgrade the standard components, but you won’t need to replace components purchased from us in there working life.

If you would like us to tailor a kit to suit your needs, shoot us an E-mail!!

We can supply a full range of Suspension components, U bolts, Bushes, Shackles and Pins & shocks, Leaves, coils ect,

These will be listed in our store and available on request.

Like all suspension at Road Runner Offroad it comes with a 2 year 40,000k warranty.




Please note this product is an aftermarket product that is designed to fit the above mentioned vehicle(s), any mention of vehicle brand or model is only to allow you to establish the correct fitment for your vehicle, and is not indicating that the part is manufactured by the original vehicle manufacturer.



Brand Roadsafe 4WD
Shipping Weight 4.8000kg
Shipping Width 0.180m
Shipping Height 0.140m
Shipping Length 0.400m
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