1 x 4.75 tonne rated Bow Shackle


This listing is for 1 x 4.75t rated Bow Shackle, complete with powder coated finish.

It is preferred in recoveries to use the least amount of possibly dangerous components, inc shackles, doesn’t matter who you buy them from, it’s still true, As each component you add to a recovery can end up being a weapon. If needing to join a Snatch strap together do not use a Shackle, feed the eye of one strap through the other, place a stick or rolled up newspaper/magazines into the eye, then pull it back so the stick/paper is pulled between the two eye's, this is the correct way to join straps reducing the need for possibly dangerous components.

However sometimes you just have to use them, attaching a snatch block, Tree Trunk protector if you have a std small hook ect, These shackles are a rated piece of equipment that should be checked each time you use them, just like you should on all your recovery equipment. All good recovery kits should have at least 2 shackles.

I may have done ourselves out of a sale with that bit of info, But it keeps you safe, and make's sure you can come back next time!

The dimensions are as follows...
Overall width at widest point @ 90mm
Overall length @ 130mm
Pin thickness @ 22mm
Internal Max Width 50mm
Internal Min Width 35mm


Combined freight available.


Model # SB607
Brand Road Runner Offroad
Shipping Weight 1.0000kg
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