Race Tech Oil Temperature GaugeCelcius– 52mm

Super white Daytime - Blue Backlit when Headlights on

(we have Amber backlit in our Store)

This is a 52mm PSI Temperature gauge with a preset AUDIO warning which can be muted upon start-up. This makes it a fantastic choice for guys on the track, where you're too busy to look at gauges and an audio warning is just what you need to know when something is running past your pre-set warning point!

Click on the video to see the gauge during initial sweep

As this images shows, it will flash red when it reaches your preset range - Don't worry, you will hear it through a helmet! It is very loud!

Can be heard in Barry Smethursts Road Runner Offroad race car, 6.0ltr Chev, minimal exhaust and helmet on, full noise on high speed stage at Cliffhanger 2011, had no problem hearing it, and there mounted on the Navi's side of the car!!

Don't worry, you will hear it through a helmet! It is very loud!

Main features of the Race Spec gauges...

  • You can also recall your lowest (or in some gauges highest) point that was recorded on the gauge after you've had your race! This also becomes a very useful tuning tool.
  • All gauges are FULL electronic, with electronic sensors (where applicable)
  • The boost gauges tested in AUS were within .3psi of the dyno PSI. (0.3 psi being worst, 0.1 psi being best)
  • A sensor is included with the gauge to make installation easy.
  • Gauges come with FULL wiring kit, nothing else is needed, everything is plug_and_play (Although power needs to be hard wired)
  • Once one gauge has power, a plug'n'play quick connect wire strand can be used between gauges. This makes installation VERY easy. (Refer to pictures)
  • Every gauge comes with ELECTRONIC sensor to suit (except A/F ratio gauge)
  • The gauge comes with a simple gauge mount (Usually this satisfies most customers and no additional gauge mounting hardware is required)
  • All race spec gauges come in white display, red needle lighting withawire toactivateBlue for the face. (This can beplugged into your dash lights for activation with parkers or with a switch or omitted completely or the gauge can be wired to be constantly Blue.)
  • You can piggy back the wiring, wiring supplied for the power wires to plug and play, so quick and easy for gauges in series. (sensors need to be wired individually)

*All pressure gauges come in PSI reading (unless customers require a BAR reading gauge) and in Celsius for temperatures*

If you plan to submerge your car (Like in Winch challenge competitions), it is a good idea to have the sensor mounted in a dry area (or seal the sensor up).

These gauges have been tested in Aus before being relaesed for sale to you, The testing showed not all gauges are the same! Race Spec gauges showed to be far more accurate than the Autometer (Out by 3psi), VDO (Out by 1.5 psi), DRIFT (Out by 0.75 psi), DEFI (Out by 0.4 psi) gauges we tested.
We have also tested other gauges and found them far more accurate than others on the market. For instance our EGT gauge read SPOT ON to a tuner's dyno in Melbourne, he was very surprised as most gauges (Like the overpriced Autometer series for $240+!) are always laggy and out by even 100 degrees!!!

The plugs on the back of the gauge are small and require a good firm fitment, if you fit these on the weekend and find they do not work, please ensure these plugs are in home,

They require a good tight fit to ensure vibration does not affect the wiring signal to the gauge.

Nothing worse than finding out Monday you could have had it all working over the weekend.

Used, tried and tested in Aus by the Road Runner Offroad Race cars and Social cars for a few years now. We even supply our own wiring instructions so easy to read!


Brand Racetech Gauges
Shipping Weight 0.4000kg
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