ARB 11,000kg – 9 mtr Snatch Strap

The purpose of a Snatch strap is to provide a “Strap” with elasticity to slingshot the immobile vehicle from its position. A good quality strap should stretch 20% of its length; this elasticity is what will remove the stuck vehicle from its position.

A Snatch strap is not designed, and should not be used as a tow rope; you will ruin your Snatch strap if used this way.

To get this ideal 20% stretch or very close to it, the snatch strap should be rated between 2 to 3 times the vehicles GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass). Larger touring vehicles have a GVM between 2,500kg to 3,000kg, so an 11,000kg Snatch Strap is the most suitable size for use on those vehicles.




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Here is a guideline we found on the net, on the safe way to use Snatch straps, whoever wrote this, wanted to get a point across, and we agree with it so we have left it as written…

A snatch strap can get you out of trouble, but they can also kill you.

Lay the strap out between the vehicles with a one meter wide S bend in the middle of the strap. Make sure there are no kinks or knots in the strap. Align the vehicles no more than 10 degrees from straight.

Attach the strap to vehicles, normally a recovery hook or loop on the chassis. Use D-shackles if required.

  • Don't attach it to the tow ball - it won't look good embedded in your girlfriend's head when it breaks off and becomes a missile.
  • Don't attach it to your bumper - it will rip it off.
  • Don't use a rope - there is too much force involved.
  • Don't use suspension components. Forces reach up to 8 tonnes.

Keep other people out of the way, seriously if something goes wrong your girl friend is dead.

A recovery damper bag or heavy blanket draped across the strap near its mid-point. If something breaks it will drop the strap to the ground rather than having it fly off and kill your girl friend.

Clear the path of the bogged vehicles - remove rocks or other obstacles, dig out mud that may be built up in front of the tyres.

Use low range. Accelerate forward at about 10 –12kph – a big ‘run and jerk’ shouldn’t be used. Steady momentum and strap elasticity does the job. The bogged vehicle’s driver also attempts to drive out of the bog.

If this doesn't get the vehicle out, back up and leave a 2 metre S bend, and this time accelerate harder. If this doesn't work then back up again, this time leaving a 3 metre S bend and accelerate harder.

You can connect two snatch straps together (see the picture) by threading each strap through the eye of the other strap, and put something light, even a rolled up newspaper, between the straps as they tighten down on each other so you prevent them binding together when used. Never use a "D" shackle to connect two snatch straps, it will kill your girl friend.


Correct way to join two straps is to feed the eye through one, then through a nespaper or stick like pictured...

Please follow the guidelines; we want everyone to be safe out there!!



Model # ARB710
Brand ARB
Shipping Weight 3.3000kg
Shipping Width 0.220m
Shipping Height 0.090m
Shipping Length 0.380m