200 PieceElectrical Terminal Kit;consisting of...




MDD1.25-250 X 20PCE

FDD1.25-250 X 20PCE

MDD2-250 X 10PCE

FDD2-250 X 10PCE

MPD1.25-156X 10PCE

FRD1.25-156 X 10PCE

MPD2-156 X 5PCE

FRD2-156 X 5PCE

PTV1.25-10 X 5PCE

PTV2-10 X 5PCE


BV1.25 X 10PCE

RV1.25-4 X 10PCE

RV1.25-5 X 10PCE

RV2-4 X 10PCE

RV2-5 X 10PCE

RV5.5-5X 5 PCE

RV5.5-6 X 5PCE

SV1.25-4 X 10PCE

SV1.25-5 X 5PCE

SV2-4 X 5PCE

SV2-5 X 10PCE


Keep all your electrical neat and tidy, With everything Crimped, removes the risk of car fires and damaging your valuable components.

To keep the job looking proffesional we also have Heat shrink & Fuses in our store forany wire you cut and solder or crimp a terminal to, needs to be protected somehow from the elements, This Heat shrink kit, will assist you in having some close at hand at all times in the Garage!

A cheap easy way to have a proffesional looking finish!

We have more than one available, so order as many as you need,

In stock ready to go


Shipping Weight 0.5000kg
Shipping Width 0.120m
Shipping Height 0.040m
Shipping Length 0.200m
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