Everything You Need to Know About Using a High Lift Jack

Date Posted:21 September 2019 

Why you need a high lift jack in your bonnet, and how to choose one.

If you are driving your own car or any type of bigger vehicle, there is an extremely high chance that you have heard of high lift jacks. They are utilized for lifting the vehicle when you need to, not just during emergencies!

A high lift jack is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment you can have in your toolbox. It is extremely useful in a number of situations, but you must use it with caution since it is also one of the most dangerous tools out there. Its sheer size and weight can prove to be a hazard when putting in the hands of the wrong person. Otherwise, it’s a must-have at home or when you go on long drives.

The high lift jack is a multi-purpose tool that can work well for you when you are put in a situation where you will need a little extra help with clamping, lifting, pulling, pushing, winching, and more! So whenever you are stuck somewhere, it will prove to be of advantage if you have this sitting under your bonnet. Wherever you are, may it be a busy city road or the mountains, a high lift jack should always find its place in your emergency toolkit.

Especially for those who frequently deal with difficult roads, or those that like to go off-roading, a high lift jack will be one of the best investments for you. This trusty tool will help you escape from situations that your vehicle may unfortunately encounter. Every off-roader or even any four-wheel driver should pack a high-lift jack wherever they go. This is one of the most trustworthy yet basic tools that will get you out of some of the tightest situations. 

What are the different sizes of high lift jacks?

The 60” high lift jack is a light and easy to maneuver tool that is heavy-duty and ready for any type of challenge. It offers an astounding rated capacity of 2114 kg, and a tested capacity of 3175 kg. It is made of the most reliable and durable gold-zinc coated hardware and a unique winch-clamp-spreader attachment that offers increased capacity and one position set-up for all your winching, clamping and spreading requirements.

Boasting a 100 years of quality, this 48” hi-lift jack can carry a rated capacity of 2114 kg and a tested capacity of 3175 kg. It is a portable yet heavy-duty high lift jack that will be the perfect companion for your car. 

Whichever you choose from these two sizes of high lift jacks, you will surely be getting a trusted recovery item that is a necessity for all four-wheelers in the world. Both are made with a two-piece handle and a socket design that is built to last you for a long time. This is a dependable tool that will be very much worth your investment, since it gives you peace of mind whenever you go out on more challenging roads or cities.

How does a high-lift jack work?

Think of using a high-lift jack as if you are walking up a ladder. One “foot” of the tool comes off the rung, then escalates to the next, and the next… you get the picture. All this motion is done by the running gear, with the spine of the high lift jack acting as the ladder for it to escalate. Essentially, the longer the spine of your high lift jack is, the higher it can go!

A high lift jack usually has over two tonnes of lifting force, and will be able to go either up or down. A word of precaution though is that it needs a consistent and constant load in order for it to function well. Make sure that you don’t let the load get too light, or else the running gear of the tool might drop abruptly all the way.

Whenever you find yourself in a situation where you are stuck in a dead-end road that offers you no wiggle room to turn around, the high-lift jack will be perfect for turning your vehicle around on the spot. Not only that, it also offers tons of other uses as well! It is literally is a jack of all trades or, in this case, all roads.

What makes this simple tool so special is that it offers such amazing function and reliability, with such simple operation. It requires no hydraulics, nor any cranking from another tool to raise your vehicle. 

You only need to put the high lift jack under your vehicle, secure the foot of the jack under a stable anchor point on rock sliders or your bumper. After which, you only need to do a cranking motion with the long round lever attached to it.

On top of this, the high lift jack does not just lift and lower your vehicle. It can even function as a spreader, clamper, or a come-along winch. In case you are travelling or off-roading alone, this one tool will be equivalent to a multi-person team that will help you out in road emergencies.

Some precautions when using a high lift jack

As we mentioned earlier, the descent using this amazing tool can become hazardous or dangerous. If you do not do things with care, it can end up a disaster. As big of a help a high lift jack is and as important as it may be in your toolbox, it can cause a pretty huge accident as well.

First things first, never ever get under a high lift jack while you are using it. It can become extremely dangerous during its descent, or when it is stationarily lifted. Be sure to keep a safe distance away, and that your high lift jack has been set up properly. Keep an eye out for any uneven areas or whether your tool is tilted. Otherwise, you may end up in a bigger accident than the one you are trying to get out of.

Make sure that there is enough load on the car for it to be stabilised during the time when you lower it; or else, it might suddenly fall down due to the shift in weight.

You should also not hurry when cranking the tool. Use slow, sure, and steady motions. Remember that you are dealing with a vehicle that is way, way heavier than your are. If you are unsure of how to use it, check out some videos online before bringing it on the road.

Apart from these, we recommend that you use the appropriate safety gear. This comes in the form of heavy-duty gloves and even a helmet. It is better to be safe than sorry, after all.

What are some other products that will help you retrieve your vehicle?

An off-road base is perfect if you are about to head into a place with softer soil. This is the appropriate tool with the high lift jack, since it allows for the tool to be used on loose ground. It offers a lifting foundation, as well as prevents the jack from sinking. Since stability is important to using the high lift jack, the off-road base will give you a safe base to use the tool without any worries of encountering an accident.

The wheel lift is a tool that allows the vehicle wheel to be lifted directly from the wheel, greatly reducing the amount of travel up the jack bar needs to lift to an adequate and safe height. It features a lift capacity of 5,000 lbs, or 2, 237 kg.

Snatch straps are utilised to provide a vehicle a strap that gives elasticity in order to propel the immobile vehicle from a stuck position. Its elasticity will be able to essentially “pull” a vehicle, but should not be used as a tow rope.

The jack off-road kit will make your high lift jack an even more dependable and versatile tool. It is a multi-purpose accessory to the high lift jack that provides all the necessary parts for winching right with you.

Whether you are an off-roader, or someone who wants to have the assurance of being able to retrieve your vehicle under any condition, the high lift jack is a must in your toolbox. This multi-purpose and dependable tool will be able to provide you the support and function you need, no matter what terrain you choose to take on.

Versatility and simplicity: the high lift jack features a huge mechanical lever that does not take up much space in the bonnet of your car. To ensure your own safety, we highly recommend that you get one before hitting unfamiliar roads.

Check out the selection we have included above when purchasing your high lift jack! Once you go out to take on new paths, it is best that you will are equipped with everything you will possibly need.

For your next outback adventure, make sure that you have a high lift jack in your arsenal! Road Runner Offroad has the best variety of products to make sure that you’re ready for any type of terrain.


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